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Independence Square

Independence Memorial Hall (also Independence Commemoration Hall) is a national monument in Sri Lanka built for commemoration of the independence of Sri Lanka from the British rule with the restoration of full governing responsibility to a Ceylonese-elected legislature on February 4, 1948. It is located at the Independence Square (formerly Torrington Square) in the Cinnamon Gardens,Colombo. It also houses the Independence Memorial Museum.

Sripada (Adam's Peak)

Adam’s Peak (Sri Paadaya) is a 2,243 m (7,359 ft) tall conical mountain located in central Sri Lanka. It is well known for the Sri Pada, i.e., “sacred footprint”, a 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) rock formation near the summit, which in Budhist tradition is held to be the footpriint of the Buddha, in Hindu tradition that of Shiva and in Islamic and Christian tradition that of Adam.The mountain is located in the southern reaches of the Central Highlands in the Ratnapura District and Nuwara Eliya district of the Sabaragamuwa Province and Central Province—lying about 40 km northeast of the city of Ratnapura and 32 km southwest of the city of Hatton.


Located 11 km East of the sacred city of Anuradhapura is referred by many as the “cradle of Buddhism” in Sri Lanka, as this is the very place where nearly 2,350 years ago, the great disciple of Lord Buddha, Arahath Mahinda Thero preached the Buddhist doctorine to the King “Dewanampiyatissa” of Sri Lanka. From then on the “mountain of Mahinda” is identified throughout the ages as a great monastic city for Buddhism.


Covered in a blanket of haze and rising out to a height of 766 m above the sea-level from the dry north central plains, the lone hillock of Ritigala is the highest mountain in the north-central province of Sri Lanka. located 188 km north-east of Colombo, at Ganewalpola, near Kekirawa/Maradankadawala of north-central plains of Sri Lanka and, The mountain is about three miles long at the longest point and about two miles wide is covered with dense jungle inhabited by wild Elephants, leopards, bears and has been declared a Strict Natural Reserve in order to maintain its unspoiled environment.

Ceylon Tea Museum

The Ceylon Tea Museum is located in the former Hanthana Tea Factory, which was originally constructed in 1925. It is situated 3 km (1.9 mi) south of Kandy.Hanthana was one of the first successful areas to cultivate tea following the failure of coffee production on the island. In 1959 the Tea Research Institute of Ceylon established a sub station on land leased from the Hanthana Estate, similar to the Passra sub station established in the 1920s. The Hanthana Station was set up to cater to the needs of mid-country tea plantations with regard to the physiology, entomology of tea and in particular the identification of drought resistant clones and the insect pest shot-hole borer.

Nalanda Gedige

Nalanda Gedige is an ancient complete stone building near Matale, Sri Lanka. Its mid base in our contry.This building was an ancient Hindu Temple constructed in between 8th to 10th century with dravidian architecture (Pallava style) and then believe to have been used by Buddhists. Also some scholars describe this building is a dravidian architecture dedicated to a Mahayanaa cult with pronounced Trantric learning and known for an ancient monument of possible Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhist affinities.

Kataragamam Hindu and Buddhist temple

Kataragamam temple  in Kataragama, Sri Lanka, is a temple complex dedicated to Buddhist guardian deity Kataragama deviyo and Hindu War God Kathirkamam. It is one of the few religious sites in Sri Lanka that is venerated by the Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and the Vedda people. For most of the past millennia, it was a jungle shrine very difficult to access; today it is accessible by an all-weather road. The shrines and the nearby Kiri Vehera are managed by Buddhists, the shrines dedicated to Teyyanai and Shaiva are managed by Hindus and the mosque by Muslims.

Sita Eliya

Sita Eliya is a village in Sri Lanka. It is located within Central Province.

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